How to clip in hair extensions

This hair extensions clip in guide explains how to clip in hair extensions to your natural hair.


Glam Time hair extensions are attached to your hair with high quality perfectly sized clips that have a silicone coating to ensure an extremely secure hold and no damage to your hair. The extensions consist of multiple wefts of different size that should be attached from the bottom up starting from the lower point on the hairline and repeating the following steps for each weft.

  1. Using a rat tail comb or your own finger, create a parting from the left to the right hairline and section off the hair above this parting using a clip (Picture A).
  2. Prepare a weft of an appropriate size by snapping the clips open.
  3. Place the weft right under your parting making sure that there are no gaps (Picture B).
  4. Catch your hair in each clip and snap in shut. In case of wefts with 3 or 4 clips, the middle clips should be placed first.
  5. To place the remaining wefts, release all the hair that was clipped out of the way in step 1 (Picture C) and make a parting right above the weft that was just attached. Proceed as described in steps 2-4.

The suggested scheme of wefts placement is shown in the following picture.



  • To achieve perfect blending of your own hair with the extensions, use the straightener over the top layer of your hair that falls on top of the extensions as well as over the places where your natural hair and the extension meet.
  • To prevent slipping on fine hair, you can tease the hair roots with a comb and use some hair spray.
  • Backcombing the hair above the weft can help hide the weft.