Are you wondering how to attach clip-in hair extensions to your own hair? It's super quick and easy! Glam Time hair extensions are clipped to your hair with high quality perfectly sized clips. These clips have a silicone coating that ensures a very secure hold and protect your hair from any damage. One set of extensions is designed to cover your entire head and it consist of multiple wefts of different size. These wefts should be attached from the bottom up. You start from the lower point on the hairline and repeat the following steps for each weft:

  1. Using a rat tail comb or your own finger, create a parting from the left to the right hairline. Section off the hair above this parting using an alligator clip or a hair pin.
  2. Prepare a weft of an appropriate size by snapping the clips open.
  3. Place the weft right under your parting making sure that there are no gaps.
  4. Catch some of your own hair in each clip and snap the clip shut. In case of wefts with 3 or 4 clips, the middle clips should be placed first.
  5. To place the remaining wefts, release all the hair that was clipped out of the way in step 1. Next, make a parting right above the weft that was just attached and repeat steps 2-4 for each weft you need to clip in.

Silky and soft, you will absolutely love it!